As a pastor or church leader, your privilege and responsibility is to care for the members of your church in the midst of their pain, suffering, and relational turmoil. This can be a difficult task for several reasons:

  • Perhaps the demands of ministry and your busy schedule will not allow you to provide the dedicated long-term care that an individual, couple, or group needs.

  • Perhaps you feel that a situation is stretching you beyond your experience, giftedness, or comfort level. 

  • Perhaps the nature of your relationship with the congregant(s) would make a counseling relationship inappropriate or uncomfortable, thus requiring a third party to step in.

No matter the reason, it's likely that you could use some outside counseling help at your church. But you want to make sure that you trust the counselor to whom you are referring your sheep. You want to know they are providing Gospel-centered transformational care at the heart level. You want to be certain that you are both on the same page theologically. In short, you want the counselor to be an extension of the ministry of your church. 

This is where Crosstown Counseling comes in. Our passion is to walk alongside like-minded pastors and church leaders to synergistically care for their congregants. We are committed to providing theologically-sound, biblically-based, and heart-transformative care that complements the work of your church.





Should you choose to partner with Crosstown Counseling, we will provide the following for your church:

  • A fully functioning biblical counseling ministry under the direction of your church without any legal liability on your part

  • One or more seminary-trained biblical counselors who will work alongside your pastors, staff members, and lay leaders

  • Assistance in church discipline issues and situations requiring third-party moderators

  • Formal training and mentoring of lay counselors (including members of your diaconate or care team)

  • Teaching and equipping of small group leaders

  • Regular meetings with your pastoral staff to discuss counseling cases (with permission of those receiving care, of course)





Our passion at Crosstown Counseling is not to take from churches, but rather to serve them. With that said, we do ask for a few things should you choose to partner with us in ministry. In order to establish a formal partnership with Crosstown Counseling, a concise written agreement will be signed by one or more Crosstown counselors and the lead pastor of your church. This agreement usually includes the following from you:

  • Support through resources such as access to office space if available 

  • A commitment to assist church members who need financial assistance to help cover counseling costs

  • A commitment to refer members of your congregation to Crosstown Counseling





We are confident that local churches can benefit tremendously from Gospel-centered counseling. We thank you ahead of time for the privilege of being able to offer this to your church. We look forward to working alongside you as we make disciples together here in New York City.

If you are interested in partnering with Crosstown Counseling or want more information on what a partnership could look like, please contact us through the following form: